Video: Simon Cowell’s Crossbow Prank On Bruno Tonioli Provokes Mixed Reactions

Is Simon Cowell okay? That was one question many were asking after the America Got Talent judge played a prant on new judge Bruno Tonioli. In the prank, He pretended to have been shot by Bruno and collapse on the stage.

Bruno, who was blindfolded, was tricked into believing he had stabbed Cowell with a crossbow arrow during the audition. Sprawled on the ground, Cowell pretended to have been hurt while medical aid was administered to him.

Interestingly, even some members of the audience thought that Cowell was indeed hurt, and there was a little confusion within as people struggled to get a sense of what was actually going on before them.

When it was revealed that what happened was in fact a prank, many were outraged, with some insisting that the prank was in bad taste, as people had in fact died in similar circumstances. And their deaths had nothing to do with a prank.
According to multiple reports, the prank episode will not be part of the show when it eventually airs. Interestingly, also, it isn’t the first time that Cowell would play such a prank.

He had played the same prank on fellow judge Sofia Vergara during season 15.

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