Video: Sjava Shows Fans How Not To Ask For An Album

It’s been a while since released new music, and now fans are getting impatient and asking him to drop the bars. 

The winner acknowledged the requests from fans but also has an appeal of his own: they shouldn’t be violent when asking for new music. Oh well, in a sense. 

It all started after a Twitter user shared a clip in which fans almost got violent asking a musician to drop an album. 

Reacting to the clip, stated that his fans shouldn’t react that way when they see him. 

He appeared to have brought unnecessary attention to himself with his comment because his fans made it clear that now they would do just that when they see him. Lol. 

It’s hard to tell whether the fans were being jocund or were serious. Whatever the case, it makes it clear that fans are craving new music. 

It’s unclear if and when he’d push out a new project. But then you can count on us to share with you whatever the songster should release. Stay tuned. 

Formerly signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment, bow runs his own show under 1020 Cartel, a record label he founded in collaboration with his pal. He’s one of the few musicians to leave Ambitiouz without a public fight. 

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