Video: The Moment A Bouncer Denied Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Access To Elite New York Club

Er, it looks like celebs also have their bad days, a times when they’re just not recognized and have to be patient while they “work out their fame” with some people – in this case a bouncer.

Well, that’s what recently played out in the lives of Rihanna and new bo A$AP Rocky.  Your Bad Ghal Riri nad Rocky had made it to a elite club in New York, but the bouncer guarding the place failed to recognize them and denied them access to the venue – at the outset.

A$AP Rocky spoke with the bouncer while Rihanna stood by, watching patiently. Eventually the two were allowed into the club. Fans and the paparazzi swooped on them as they approached the couple approached the barcade, but the club’s security prevented them from entering with the couple.

In the club, the pair had a wonderful time, with one club customer claiming the couple bought him some shots and complimented him on his clothing.

Rihanna and Rocky started dating several months back. At the time they were discreet with their relationship, coming in different vehicles and also leaving in different vehicles. Now, though, they have become quite open, giving the world PDA moment again and again.

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