Video: Trevor Noah Talks Double Standard in the Reporting Of The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Trevor Noah’s take on the Russia-Ukraine war and the many fallouts of the conflict have got many across the world talking, with some claiming the host of The Daily Show shared the truth most celebs are unwilling to admit.

According to Trevor, there have been double standards in the media reporting of the conflict compared to how the media reports similar conflicts in other areas, from Afghanistan down to Africa.

He also confirmed what many have been saying all along – the apparent racism in the treatment of those escaping the way to safer neighboring countries bordering the belligerents.

Some of his admirers who watched his take on the conflict, and the European media reporting of it, described him as the real thing – never mincing words.

he also noted that conflicts – was as we know them – is not an African thing. He clarified that Europe has always been at war and there was even a period Europe fought what is today known as the Hundred Years War.

Trevor Noah isn’t the first person to call out the double standards in the media coverage of the conflict, but he’s one of the few celebrities to do so. And because he’s an international figure, his words have been of great resonance some how made them.

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