Video: Zola On Prince Kaybee Cheating

It has been said that the Internet never forgets. This reality has just played out in the case of Zola, Prince Kaybee’s girlfriend, after an old video of her speaking of infidelity among DJs popped on social media. 

In the clip, Zola had indicated she was warned not to date a DJ because DJs are never faithful and would “play you like a disc.” 

She hadn’t listened then and had gone on to date Prince Kaybee who, true to the joke, played her like a disc. While he had been showing her off on social media and giving many couple goals on fidelity, he was also bedding someone else on the sides, a lady called Eurica. 

The lady had shard that she had been seeing the DJ for several years now, but Prince Kaybee denied it. She shared screenshots but held to his denials. 

But when she shared a pic of his pedunda, Prince Kaybee owned up, apologized to his girlfriend and his mother in a tweet which has since been deleted. 

On Prince Kaybee’s infidelity, his girlfriend Zola has been quiet. You can check out the old video of Zola speaking on Prince. Kaybee’s cheating below. 

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