Videos: Dave Chappelle Attacked During Hollywood Bowl Performance

Videos: Dave Chappelle Attacked During Hollywood Bowl Performance

In a move that probably surprised the comedian Dave Chapelle, an unidentified man had stormed the stage and tackled him at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 

At the time of the incident, it was unclear what prompted the attack. However, clips from those present during Dave’s performance showed the moment the unidentified man stormed the stage and tracked the comedian. 

Also, it wasn’t immediately clear if the comedian was seriously hurt in the attack. 

Security guards were recorded to have stormed the stage after the attacker, kicked and punched him and then whisked him out of the stage. A video of the attacker being taken away by the police showed the man’s elbow at an odd angle. You can check out the videos below. 

The attack on Dave Chapelle reportedly took place toward the end of his performance, after which the actor Jamie Foxx took over the stage. 

No one saw it coming, and the lawyer Farshad Dehbozorgi, who was present, noted everyone was shocked and incredulous. 

Although bewildered by the attack, Chapelle was said to have returned to the stage and made jokes about the situation.

By the way, this isn’t the fir t time a comedian has been attacked while on stage.