Video Of “Drunk” Kabza De Small Ignites Debate – Watch

one thing about being a celebrity is that you can barely hide from the public. You are always under scrutiny, whatever you do. Evidence of this abounds all over us. Well, South African disc jockey and producer Kabza De Small has just found this out recently when he went out to have his hair cut.

In a clip currently making the rounds online, the songster could be seen at the barbers. However, fans who saw how he was acting in the clip were mostly of the view that he had had way too much to drink and was quite tipsy. This raised concerns about him.

The comment section throbbed with fans sharing their thoughts on the clip. Some used it as an opportunity to laugh at the musician for “being drunk.” SOIme saw it as an avenue to lecture him on the vitality of taking it easy with the bottle, as his liver might pay for it in the long run. You can check out the clip below.

Kabza De Small himself had not said anything about the storm of opinions surrounding the clip. And it is doubtful he would – well, except the buzz over the clip should get out of hand.

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