Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #MasterChefSA

The kitchen battle continues in the #MasterChefSA reality show with several contestants, but Onti appears to be the star of the show for most.

To some viewers, she’s not just a fantastic cook but a leader in the #MasterChefSA cooking challenge.

Now imagine if she should leave the show even as a favourite. Well, that’s what happened, and some viewers are having a hard time processing that reality. They wanted her to stick it out to the end and win.

But it appears like fate has other ideas. So she’s out.

Some fans have a few words of encouragement for those who feel unhappy about the judgment that tossed Onti out of the race for the top position in the reality show. It might be the end for her on the #MasterChefSA circuit; however, it is not the end of her life or her cooking adventures.

By the way, Master Chef SA is a reality television show that did not originate from South Africa but has a South African version and a loyal following.

Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 2Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 3Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 4Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 5Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 6Viewers Emotional As Onti Exits #Masterchefsa 7

It remains to be seen who next will be judged out in the reality show. It’s a devloping story, so you might want to follow our social media channels and stay tuned for updates.

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