Viewers React To Changes In “Skeem Saam” Timeslot

The year 2024 is just a little over a month away, but there is so much planned for that year in South Africa’s film universe. The timeslot for the popular soapie “Skeem Saam” would be changed, bringing it closer to the timeslot allocated for “Scandal,” another popular series.

Previously, the time allocated to “Seem Saam” was 18:30. With the changes taking effect in 224, the series will be showing from 19:30. That is around one hour later than the previous time allocation. With the changes, “Skeem Saam” will be competing with the likes of ETV’s “Scandal” and “My Brother’s Keeper”

So what are the viewers saying about the change in the timeslot of “Skeem Saam”? Some South Africans are unimpressed with the changes in the timeslot. As far as some of them are concerned it is almost suicidal to shift the timeslot to around the same period as “Scandal,” a soaraway series with an impressive fanbase – over 5 million viewers in the past month.

To the critics of the change in the timeslot for “Skeem Saam,” the changes would only rob the series of more viewers – exactly what the producers do not want.  Ut will they revert to the old time? Er, that’s left to time.

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