Viewers React to Deepti & Shake At Love Is Blind Reunion

Love is Blind Hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey had a hard time keeping Shake in control during the reunion. The hosts thought Shake berated every woman and they called him out for it.

Shake had admitted that he was attracted to Vanessa. But Vanessa wasn’t buying the attraction claim. As far as she’s concerned, Shake had popped into the show looking to get laid.

Iyanna thought Shake was a narcissist who would need to see a psychologist to spruce up his coping skills.

Interestingly, some viewers of the reunion share the same view. Some thought he was just plain disgusting and should never have said anything during the reunion. But as some of his supporters said, there’s freedom of speech and he’s entitled to speak his mind so long as he’s not breaking the law.

While Shake ended up receiving critical missiles, Deepti was safe. She was warned against Shake and she ended up avoiding the drama Shake brought while also criticizing his behavior at the reunion.

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