Viewers React To “Nikiwe” Cancellation

When viewers are interested in the flicks they watch, they make it a point to comment on the same, from storyline to characters and even whatever decisions the producers might make regarding the flicks.

This reality has just played out with the viewers of the South African series “Nikiwe.” it is one thing when a series comes to an end after years of excellent scriptwriting and acting. It is a different ball game when the series has to be cancelled – as has just happened with “Nikiwe”

It turned out that fans were no longer “feeling” the series – as the saying goes. So the announcement of the cancellation did not provoke howls of disappointment and agony. Instead, many viewers appeared relieved by the cancellation.

As far as some of them were concerned, the axing of the series was long overdue, and they were more than happy to see it go. The response to the news shared by Phil Mphela is as insightful as can be. You can check out the post below.

Will something else rise from the dusk of “Nikiwe”? That is unclear at this point. At any rate, some would say it is “peace, perfect peace” for the dead. So long, “Nikiwe”!

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