Vigro Deep Postpones “Rise Of A Baby Boy” Album Release Date

Vigro Deep announces postponement of "Rise Of A Baby Boy" release

Vigro Deep postpones the release date for his upcoming album “Rise Of A Baby Boy”.

The weekend came with some sad news. On Saturday, July 18, everyone expected the highly anticipated Vigro Deep album “Rise Of A Baby Boy” to drop but that didn’t happen. Instead we received news that the release date had been postponed.

The announcement was made in a statement shared on the talented Disc Jockey’s Instagram page on the same day. According to the statement, a later date for the release will be revealed soon. We hear we have “to wait a little longer” for the project. The statement hinted on Vigro and his team “working tirelessly to make sure that they deliver their best”.

The talented hit maker has consistently dropped many hits this year including the recently released “Sthandwa”, and the 10th episode “Rands Online Party”. We will relay the new date to you once it is revealed.

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