Viola Davis Shares The “Whistle” Amapiano Song To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Oscar winning actress, Viola Davis shares an Amapiano song to celebrate International Women’s Day.

We must say, it is always exciting to see women celebrated all over the world. On Monday, March 8th 2021, the International Women’s Day was celebrated virtually everywhere and it was amazing to follow. Oscar winner, Viola Davis was so in the mood and she made sure we knew how much.

The “How To Get Away With Murder” star took to her Twitter account to share how she was “stepping into international women’s day”. The video she shared features an Amapiano song. Of course, that sent a frenzy all over social media.

Amapiano is really global guys. Viola becomes one of many international stars who have been seen jamming to the sound. The other day, Diddy was laughed at for dancing off beat to Amapiano. Still, we were all happy he knew the sound. Shout out to everyone pushing the genre.

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