Viral Clip: Mzansi “Slay Queen” Dragged Out Of V-Class Benz

Mzansi social media ignited the other day after a video circulated online showing a man attempting to drag a woman out of his V Class Mercedes Benz.

In the video, which has since gone viral, two ladies could be seen sitting in the back seat of the sedan when a man, supposedly the owner of the vehicle, approached the lady in light blue and bid her and bid her leave his car.

The lady got up to move to a different seat, but the man got hold of her legs, still insisting in a loud voice that she should get out of his car.

The lady could be heard pleading with him not to do that, but he was adamant she should leave his vehicle. The other lady in the passenger seat tried to avert her face so that she would not be recorded. You can check out the video below.

Some social media users who saw the video describe the incident as embarrassing and that the lady should have left the moment she was asked since the car in question wasn’t hers.

Other users mocked the lady for being a “slay queen” and not being a person of value. And yet others expressed the hope that she has at least learned her lessons from the way she was treated and would now have the sense to take whatever job she’s offered.

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