Viral Clip Of Rihanna’s Goofy Moment Before Oscars Performance – Watch

Barbadian singer Rihanna showed her goofy side recently just before her Oscars performance, social media denixzens ciouldn’t have enough of that moment. It went viral.

The songstress would go on to give a sterling performance at the award ceremony, but for many of her fans, the real deal was the clip of her goofy momnet. Not even her pictures with her lover A$SAP Rocky came close on the scakle of admiration and interest.

Fabns who saw the video thought it was cute; some thought it was “silly” with harm meant about the use of the phrase. The just liked how she acted as it showed she was human like everyone else and might have her vulnerable moments as well. You can check out the clip below.

Rihanna is currently pregnant with her second child for A$AP. When she was pregnant for the first time, she had been asked what kind of mother she would be anf she had compared herself to a tigress – -s she wouldn’t take nonsense from anyone when it comes to her kids.

Her giving birth to A$AP Rocky’s child and getting pregnant for him again have also reignited conversations about her past relationships and how Drake “failed” to achieve what Rocky has with her.

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