Viral Clip Of The Moment Harry Styles Allegedly Spat On Chris Pine

Did English singer, songwriter and actor Harry Styles spit on his “Don’t Worry Darling” co-star Chris Pine? That’s one question that has been flying on social media following the Venice Film Festival premiere Monday, which the two attended.

While questions have been flying as to whether or not the singer spat on Chris, the prevailing verdict on social media is that he indeed spat on him. In the clip, Chris only momentarily acknowledged the incident and then smiled and clapped on alongside other guests at the premiere.

For this reason, many social media users praised him and his level of self-control. In addition, some tweeps tried to explain the situation and Chris’s reaction, noting that he didn’t cause a scene or react violently because he knew they were being filmed.

Yet some tweeps made it clear that they would not tolerate that level of disrespect. In the said clip, Chris Pine could be seen sitting next to director Olivia Wilde (to the right). There was a vacant seat to his left, which Harry took after momentarily allegedly spitting on Chris, who himself froze momentarily before regaining composure and continuing like nothing happened.

If you missed the viral clip, you can check it out below.

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