Viral Moment TD Jakes’s Daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts’s Wig Came Off While Preaching

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts went viral recently after her clip came off while preaching and she went ahead and removed it and continued preaching like nothing had happened.

It was a moment she had probably not expected. But then, she had the support of the ladies in the audience, most of whom reportedly removed their wigs as well in solidarity as the service continued.

When the clip surfaced online, some tweeps who commented about the moment described it as embarrassing but commended her for handling the moment with class. If you missed the clip, you can check it out below.


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♬ original sound – Covenant of Believers

Also of particular interest to social media users was the decision of many women in the audience to remove their wigs in solidarity as well. As far as they are concerned, the scene of the other ladies removing their wigs in solidarity with their pastor was a beautiful scene to watch.

Sarah Jakes Roberts, who happens to be one of the children of Bishop TD Jakes, runs a ministry just like her husband. She is also a bestselling author and businesswoman. She and her husband, Pastor Touré Roberts, are expecting their first child together. Of course, life must go on.

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