Visu Nova Believes His Love Life is a Mess Because Music is His First Love

Visu Nova confesses that music is his first love.

While lovers will be basking in the moment of sharing the deep love and affection they share for each other on the day dedicated to them (Valentine’s Day), Vusi Nova will be spending that special day doing what he has a deep passion for; performing!

Vusi Nova admitted that he has tried dating actively but it never works out. He also thinks that he may be the problem.

Vusi Nova has accepted that he will remain a single man until he finds someone ready to take the second place after his first love, music.

So, why would be the talented musician need a date for Valentine when he has music? While several lovers will be nurturing their broken relationships or celebrating with their insincere partner this Valentine, Vusi Nova will be satisfied, knowing full well that music will never desert him.

February is a month that single people with no partners dread, but Vusi Nova is not one of them. Vusi will be spending this year’s Valentine with his one and only love, music, as he will be performing at the Evening Of Love event.

Vusi admitted that his past relationship record is not okay and he cannot explain why. He explains that he hasn’t found someone who is ready to stick with them.

However, the talented musician took responsibility for his on-and-off love life and he openly admitted that it is very likely that he would be the problem. This is because he dedicates too much attention to music such that only a person that is very understanding will come to terms with being his second love, after music.

While standing beside his friends, Somizi and Mohale, while they tied the knots, Vusi Nova thought about love  and seeing the true love they share for each other made him believe in love again.

Vusi Nova, who has released hit songs such as I’d Rather Go Blind and Memeza, said:

I witnessed such a beautiful union. It was a fairytale. Funny enough Somizi has a group he calls the ‘Brotherhood Cater,’ and now all of them are married except me. I am the only one not married. Maybe I’ll find someone there at the evening of love.

Vusi’s plan for Valentine’s Day will be to perform at the Evening Of Love and he plans on keeping it that way for some time. All he desires is being around people who cherish him for the music he plays.

The winner of the South African Music Award for Best Afro Pop Album hopes that he will find his dream woman soon, who would be thrilled to spend Valentine’s Day, cheering at him as he performs.

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