“Volcano” Actress Anne Heche Taken Off Life Support

Nine days after a ghastly car crash, actress Anne Heche was taken off life support and her organs donated to a suitable patient, according to a spokesperson.

The celebrated actress had crashed her car in a house in Los Angeles and suffered what was described as a “severe anoxic brain injury.” She was legally declared dead as a result. However, she was kept alive through life support.

The decision to keep her on life support was to find a compatible person to receive her donated organs. When the compatible person was found, her spokesperson Holly Baird noted she was “peacefully taken off life support.”

It was unclear what parts were donated, but the organ donation brings to the fore, once again, the vitality of organ donation in the continued sustenance of life on earth.

The news of her death reverberated around the world, with those who knew her reliving their memories of her in posts on social media. Celebrated actor Antonio Banderas shared pictures of her on Twitter and bid her rest in peace.

Until her death, Anne Heche had featured in several films, including Six Days, Seven Nights, Spread, Volcano, and Cedar Rapids. She will be sorely mixed for her art and personality.

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