Vusi Nova Emotional As Zahara’s Family Gifts Him Her Guitar Collection

In a move that left many South Africans in tears, the family of the late singer Zahara has gifted her guitar collection to her friend and fellow musician Vusi Nova.

However, those who have been paying attention will not be surprised by this move. Zahara and Vusi were pretty close 0- something Vusi himself had relived by sharing clips of her when she visited his home. In his own words, she was always singing – “making a noise.”

Well, that was what she was born for – singing. And she charmed many with her voice until death intruded late last. Her death is easily one of the most shocking, as it happened so fast. She had been rushed to the hospital, reportedly over liver issues.

At the time, some people thought it was something that could be addressed quickly at the hospital. But Zahara died soon after, leaving a whole nation in mourning.

Her compatriots are beginning to come to terms with her death. But the recent news of her family gifting her guitar collection to Vusi Nova appears to have brought back painful memories for most. Vusi Nova shared the story of Zahara’s family gifting him her guitar collection in a post on Instagram.

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