Vusi Nova Emotional Strumming Zahara’s Guitar – Watch

He was one of those who were close to the late singer Zahara. Even in death, Vusi Nova continues to amplify his relationship with the singer through his actions.

In case you missed it, after the “Loliwe” hitmaker’s death, her family had gifted Vusi Nova her guitar collection, pointing out that they were sure she would have loved it that way.

Oh, well, Vusi received his gift grateful and put them to good use almost immediately. In a post on his official Instagram page, he shared a clip of him playing the guitar he was gifted by the late singer’s family.

He looked somewhat emotional playing the instrumental. In fact, some of those who saw the clip pointed out that he was not just emotional but appeared close to tears playing the guitar. You can check out the post below.

Zahara died late last year after taking ill suddenly. She was rushed to the hospital allegedly over a liver-related issue. It was claimed that her alcoholism induced the problem. However, her family wasn’t forthcoming with details about the problem.

Still, it was a sad moment when she died, especially so because the Tainbow Nation had lost several other musicians already. So long, Zahara!

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