Vusi Nova Opens Up About Upcoming Reality Show, New album and Tribute Song To Zahara

Mzansi singer Vusi Nova has opened up about his upcoming reality show, new album, and tribute song to his late friend Zahara.

Vusi Nova is one of South Africa’s most loved artists. For years, fans asked the star to debut a reality show so that they could follow his life away from the stage, but he refused. Finally ready to do that, the singer has announced his upcoming reality show, “Vusi Nova Unprovoked.”

The show is scheduled to debut on SABC 1 on March 2nd. It will also feature his family members and close friends, including Somizi, Moshe Ndiki, Mihlali Ndamase, and more. 047 members from his record label will also feature.

He spoke to TimesLIVE about being private despite people being curious about his life. “People have been curious, and people want to know. I came to a point where I’m just like, let me give them a bit of me. Nothing is scripted. It’s pure reality, and that’s why I went with ‘Unprovoked’ because it was a conscious decision to open up.

He spoke about his tribute song to his late friend Zahara, who passed in December last year.

“There is a song I did called Zahara. It’s one of those songs that will send people into tears because I’m pouring out what I was feeling.”

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