Vusi Speaks on Split with Zodwa Wabantu

It appears there is trouble in paradise, as Vusi has announced his split from celebrity dancer Zodwa Wabantu.

What could have gone wrong in the relationship that was initially criticized by the public because of the age disparity between the two? At the outset it was all lovey-dovey; but now it’s all hush-hush.

Well, it appears Zodwa Wabantu did something that irked Vusi and affected his deeply – or so he said. According to him, Zodwa Wabantu had posted what he didn’t like on her social media accounts. He said it “reflected on” him badly and he told her about it.

He added that it was intolerable, and he had never expected them to happen. Well, they did and, according to him, they drove him over the edge, leaving him no option but to dump her.

Zodwa Wabantu gave an entirely different picture, though. She said Vusi never told her it was over. He merely began avoiding her, refusing to answer her phone calls. To prove this, she made it clear that she had posted on her social media accounts asking about him.

Earlier she had posted she wanted her man back. Now she has actually moved on, adding she had in fact gotten laid twice by two industry chiefs.

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