Vuyo Dabula Criticised For Leaking WhatsApp Chat With Producer Owing Him

South African actor Vuyo Dabula is facing severe criticism after leaking the WhatsApp chat he had with a producer who owed him. As far as some netizens were concerned, his action was unprofessional and he should be penalized for it, one way or the other.

Taking to his Instagram page, the actor shared a screenshot of a chat he had with a producer who owed him money.

The aim of sharing that information, allegedly, was to expose producers who were taking advantage of actors in the industry – giving them roles but refusing to pay them after they had delivered for a film. He had had enough of that and decided to air the producer.

His sharing the screenshot of the chat with the producer elicited mixed reactions from netizens, Some applauded him for sharing the chats because now other producers would sit up and pay the actors they are owing for fear of being exposed themselves.

Some countered that he was wrong to have shared the screenshot and exposed the producer when they could have reached an agreement quietly without things appearing on social media. As a result, some even called for him to be blacklisted.

It remains to be seen what happens next.

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