“Wack Rapper” – Emtee Dismisses Collaboration With Big Zulu

Is there a chance South African rapper Emtee would work with compatriot Big Zulu? That question has been flying around for as long as we can remember. In fact, at some point, it was even reported that the two have new music on the way.

But do they?

Emtee and Big Zulu have actually been feuding for a while now. It all started after Big Zulu released “150 Bars,” a track in which he dismissed several notable South African rappers. Emtee is not one for dissing other rappers no matter the situation.

So he dismissed Big Zulu while questioning why he should take that path. Although he apologised, Emtee appears uninterested in the Inkabi Records boss.

And about claims that might work with Big Zulu, Emtee was dismissive, describing Big Zulu as a “wack rapper.” That invariably closes the doors of any collaboration between them. You can check out the clip below.

“150 Bars” may have caused a rift between Emtee and Big Zulu but it actually did something for the culture at the time it was released. Many South Africans believed it provoked a hip hop revival of sorts, as several other musicians, hitherto quiet, started dropping new music, bringing new life to the industry.

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