Waka Waka: Shakira Trends for Iconic World Cup Song

In pidgin English, the phrase “waka waka* is used to describe a person who rarely stays in one place. But it’s doubtful Colombian singer Shakira had that in mind when she penned the song.

The song has made it to the world cup, and many music lovers around the world just can’t have enough of it. In fact, as far as some music lovers are concerned, it’s the best world cup song ever. 

Although there is no world cup going on at the moment – only a world cup draw – many football lovers are jamming to that Shakira number and looking forward to the next global sporting event.

With many Shakira fans crooning the song and generally hyping it on social media, the song had started trending on social media platforms, including Twitter. 

You can check out some of the reactions to ” Waka Waka” by Shakira below.

Easily one of Colombia’s best-known musicians, Shakira is also one of the most loved in the game. With multiple songs to her name, she had fiercely announced herself as one of the musicians to take seriously. 

One can’t begrudge her the title of her song. After all, it’s “Waka Waka” that footballers do on the pitch. 

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