Walk Out At TD Gardens Over Dave Chappelle’s Comments On Israel

With the ongoing Israel-Gaza war, tempers flare easily, and you are bound to elicit a reaction, whatever side you decide to support in the conflict.

The evidence is all over the place, with comedian Dave Chappelle providing us with the latest example. The 50-year-old had a show at Boston’s TD Gardens, where he criticised Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip.

His criticism elicited mixed reactions from members of the audience, some of whom walked out in protest. One of those who walked out, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, spoke about never being more unsafe and scared in her life.

Dave Chappelle’s latest opinion about the Israeli airstrike adds to a list of “gaffes” he has made in the past that alienated him from communities and other members of the public. He is known to be a critic of the LGBTQ community and openly dismissive and contemptuous of them.

On that count, some netizens made it clear they were not surprised by his recent take on Israel. The Jewish state has been pounding the Gaza Strip with airstrikes after dozens of Hamas terrorists invaded the Jewish state and slaughtered men, women, children, and the elderly, leaving the country with one of its worst killings since the Holocaust.

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