Wandi Ndlovu Moves To Nigeria – Here’s Why

While some Nigerians are fleeing their country and can’t wait to flee their country, there are some foreigners that have faith in the country enough to switch to it even amid the exodus of Nigerians from the West African country.

Look no further than Wandi Ndlovu as your latest example. The South African TV star is leaving South Africa for Nigeria to become an exotic dancer. She made that known herself and the reception to it has so far been mixed.

While some encourage her to do whatever she likes with her life – whatever makes her happy – some warn her about the country and the instability there, from terrorism to kidnapping.

But Wnadi herself must have thought of everything before making the decision to ditch South Africa and take her business elsewhere.

Well, given that she wants to be an exotic dancer, Nigeria might not be a bad choice after all. For one, the country has a vibrant nightlife despite the threat of terrorism in the north and kidnappings in other regions.

Well, it will be interesting to see what turn her life will take on her trip to Nigeria. We will be here to bring you more details, so stay tuned.

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