Want to Date Rouge? Know This

Do you think the South African rapper Rouge is hard to date? Well, you may not have an answer if you haven’t been in her orbit, or at least asked her out at some point.

Unlike most, Rouge has her values clearly defined when it comes to relationships. And the values she has espoused will most likely surprise many, especially those who think musicians are mostly in relationships for a good time.

Rouge doesn’t subscribe to this, which might be the reason some peeps think her hard to date. Just recently, a fan had asked the freestyle queen what was hard about dating her. Rouge, who has been in a long term relationship with boyfriend MacMillan Mabaleka, stated she dates for marriage.

So if you are asking her out and your plan is just to have a good time, man, you are on a long thing.

But the way, Rouge is known as a versatile musician in South Africa. Rouge’s contemporary AKA has recognized this and urged the songstress to embrace her musical versatility. Clearly, she isn’t slackening pace

Well, what do you think of Rouge’s dating principles? You might wish to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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