WAP: Cardi B Recalls Being Harassed For Performing Song AT The Grammys, Almost Getting Sued

The song “WAP” by Normani Rodrigo and Cardi B blew up when it was released a year ago, but few people realise there is a “troubled history” to that number. Anyway, one of the singers, Cardi B, has just given some insight into that.

Or better still, she just served her fans a reminder of her battles. In a recent tweet, the mother of two reminded her fans of how the FCC almost sued her for performing the song at the Grammys. She also reflected on how the Republicans “harassed” her over the song and how it was everyday news in the country.

Of course, those times are over but the memories are still pretty fresh. And, of course, she has learned several lessons from that experience. The buzz over “WAP” may have died down, but the number actually did great for Cardi’s career and wallet. Yup.

“WAP” is currently nine-times platinum and there is no reason why it would snag more wins in the coming years.

By the way, Cardi B and her husband Offset recently got into a drama online after he accused her of sleeping with his associates. She dismissed the claims in a Twitter space, noting she was too famous for there not to be evidence if indeed she cheated.

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