War, Riky Rick And More, Reason Behind Tupac Trend In South Africa

Tupac Amaru Shakur might be dead, but his memory lives. Somehow, many years after his death, the songster lives on in the consciousness of music lovers around the world.

The ongoing conflict in Europe, spawned by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, had altered Ukraine and Russia as we know it. The catastrophe is mounting and families are grieving.

It turns out Tupac has got some lyricist on war and warmongers. The songster, alive, had been perplexed with countries having money to wage wars but claiming to have nothing to feed the poor (at a time of peace)?

South African rapper Riky Rick, who recently committed suicide after a prolonged battle with depression, has also reportedly been the for the Tupac trend. While the “Boss Zonke” crooner’s epaulets do not compare favorably to Tupac’s, he’s yet a sterling voice that the Rainbow Nation respects and adores. You can check out some of the responses so far below.

if there’sa one thing that’s latent in the Tupac trend right now, it’s that legacy matters, and what impact one makes while alive will determine if one conyinues to live in the consciousness of the world even after death – or totally disappears ike a dust in the wind.

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