Watch 50 Cent’s Theme Song For “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”

Controversial rapper 50 Cent has released a themes song for his Power Book III: Raising Kanan TV show. Titled “Part of the Game,” the theme song featured NLE Choppa and Rileyy Lanez.

50 Cent announced the theme song on his Twitter page exactly two days ago. According to him, the theme song would drop at midnight of the same day. True to his promise, the theme song popped online.

The theme song has got an interesting music video set in the 90s. The music video tells the story of Kanan (played by 50 Cent). It’s a story anyone conversant with the streets and with the pop culture of the 90s will readily appreciate.

In his choices of Rileyy Lanez and NLE Choppa, 50 Cent cannot be faulted. The pair did a fine job spitting their bars alongside the lead artiste.

The theme song is incredibly potent. It brings back to life, in luminous beauty, highlights of an era long gone. In fact, it might get some viewers nostalgis for that bygone era. Not bad, we might say.

How would you rate the theme song, though? We invite you to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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