Watch A-Reece, Jay Jody And Tkay 10 Staxx Formally Launch Revenge Club Records

For most, Revenge Club Records had existed either as meme or memory because it was not officially launched but was there anyway – a channel through which A-Reece had released new music following his exit from Ambitious Entertainment.

Anyway, the record label had a formal launch a day ago, with industry figures in attendance. It was an evening of good food and convivial company, as hip-hop devotees, music lovers generally, and fans turned up in their numbers for the launch.

During the launch, A-Reece outlined his dream and purpose to inspire other musicians to be the best of themselves and establish something of their own instead of being content as signees of a record label. If he can do it, they can as well – and should aspire to.

Revenge Club Records has released projects like “Sunset Stories: A Mixtape” by Jay Jody, “DEADLINES: Free P2” By A-Reece, and “heaveN caN waiT: thE narroW dooR, vol. 1” by Blue Tape (the collective name for A-Reece and Jay Jody).

There are no known artists signed to the record label except for A-Reece and his brother, who have released music through the platform. Maybe that might change with the official launch of the record label.

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