Watch A-Reece & Other Rappers Go Wild On “Hennessy Africa Cypher”

A new edition of Hennessy Africa Cypher came around and had several musicians spitting their bars in the spirit of the event. With only one minute to drop the bars, artists had to make the best use of the time or be pushed aside.

Among the artists who made the cut in the Hennessy Africa Cypher is the South African rapper, who is often called The Boy Doing Things. It had other African rappers on the mic. So it was an African congress of sorts.

Hennessy share the clip of the cypher online, and it showed each rapper standing still in what appears to be a museum, and then going about with the day’s business of spitting the bars. A-Reeece did a fine job of spitting the bars the time he got the mic.

Given how good he is as a rapper, maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. He has come a long way as a musician. After a stint at Ambitious Entertainment, he had gone solo. Along the line, he had established revenge Club Records in collaboration with his brother, Jay Jody.

If you missed the cypher while it was being recorded, you don’t have much to worry about. You can check it out at the end of this post and have a blast.

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