Watch A-Reece Talk His Role In The Making Of DJ Clen’s “Viral” Album

DJ Clen’s “Viral” album snagged attention across South Africa recently, with many netizens discussing it. One man who played an important role in the project was A-Reece. The songster worked as an executive producer on the project.

What does the executive producer role entail, and what exactly did A-Reece do as part of the project? The songster addressed that and more during a recent interview with Slikour. Apparently, at the time he worked on the project with DJ Clen, He, A-Reece, didn’t know what the job of an executive producer was.

That admission notwithstanding, he revealed that he was the one who advised the DJ on what artists to feature. He was also the one who arranged the tracklist for the project. Those are, of course, important parts in the making of an album.

Given the reception that the project elicited, it is clear that all members of the production team did a great job with that project. After all, it is not exactly easy to create something that resonates with so many people.

It is unclear why DJ Clen worked with A-Reece, but the decision certainly paid off. You can check out the video interview and watch A-Reece speak on other issues as well, below

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