Watch A-reece’s Girlfriend Rickelle Jones Paint His “A-Reece – Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory” Mixtape Artwork

Watch as A-Reece’s girlfriend, Rickelle Jones paints the cover artwork for his latest chart-topping mixtape “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory”.

You guys know how much we love good talent on this site right? We also like to show them off. This time, the spotlight is on A-Reece’s woman, Rickelle Jones who is a beast with the paint brush. She’s simply just amazing, and her man just showed her off for all to see.

Reece recently shared a video of her painting a replica of his mixtape “Today’s Tragedy, Tomorrow’s Memory” cover artwork. She does it perfectly and without any mistakes. Honestly, we can’t even do that. Since the video was shared, fans have taken to the comments section to congratulate her on having such an amazing talent.

Reece dropped the mixtape many weeks back and it has been a huge success since it was released. It also topped the Hip Hop and has gotten rave reviews from fans.

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