Watch AKA Explain His Meeting With Lekau Sehoana, Cassper Nyovest’s Business Partner

Several images have recently surfaced online showing meeting with Lekau Sehoana, a business partner of AKA’s rival, Cassper Nyovest.The meeting provoked great interest from members of the public because AKA and Cass are not friends.

As a matter of fact, they have been engaged in sporadic warfare for years.

But why would visit Lekau? For those inquiring, the “Touch My Blood” rapper has an answer, finally. His responses were not exactly what many people expected to hear.

addresses the subject of his visit to Lekau’s Drip headquarters during an appearance on the L-Tido Podcast. The rapper stated that entrepreneurs meet the Drip Footwear CEO on a regular basis and that his decision to see him is not unusual.

While there might be a business venture going on between them, there is nothing regarding it that he cares to share with anyone, as he loves keeping things under wraps until he is done with them.

With not forthcoming with details about his visit to Lekau and a possible partnership, fans can only watch and wait. By the way, Cassper Nyovest had a R100 million deal with Lekau Sehoana, something he publicized with fanfare a while back.

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