Watch AKA Join The “I Hate Weed” Challenge On Instagram Reel

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, the South African rapper that goes by the stage name AKA, has joined the “I Hate Weed” challenge, sharing a clip on Instagram Reel.

In the 15 second clip, it could be seen that the songster’s eyes were quite inflamed (red) like those of someone who’d just finished communing with ganja. This is made possible with a red-eye filter on social media and an accompanying audio. Is irony smoking weed here as well? We cannot tell.

Weed as we know it is a controversial subject – not just in South Africa but as far away as the United States.

In South Africa, AKA’s home country, the rapper A-Reece is loudly pro-weed. In fact, in a recent tweet, he’d asked that weed be legalized in South Africa. Previously he’d made a roll call of the key “weed men” he’d had the chance to share a smoke with.

AKA doesn’t belong in that collective, of course. But the “Fela in Versace” rapper has got just as strong an opinion on weed as any. You might light up that reality and smoke it if you like. We won’t join you, though.

By the way, AKA has left Mzansi guessing on his latest relationship move, with the overwhelming opinion being that he’s dating “Yass Bitch” rapper Nadia Nakai.

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