Watch AKA Share a Romantic Moment With Nadia Nakai On Stage

It’s no longer news that AKA and Nadia Nakai are dating. After only teasing their relationship, the two have gone public with their affection. And there’s no stopping them now

the couple had South Africans talking and giggling – and some complaining – after they shared a romantic moment on stage. You can check out the clip below.

Some tweeps celebrated AKA in having found love again months after the suicide of his girlfriend, Nelli Tembe. And yet others criticized him for having moved on so quickly months after the passing of Nelli Tembe.

Among his staunchest critics so far is the poet and anti-GBV advocate Ntsiki Mazwai. She was among those who’d called for the cancelling of AKA for allegedly battering Nelli and pushing her to the brink of suicide.

AKA started dating Nadia Nakai months after the death of his fiancé Nelli Tembe. The public got hints they were dating when Nadia Nakai shared that a “Secret Santa” had gifted her a Rolex.

AKA himself gave hints when he shared slides of him on Instagram, noting in the caption that the pictures were taken by a “secret Southa Santa.” That’s a “South African Santa” – Nadia Nakai.

It remains to be seen where their relationship will go from here.

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