Watch AKA Teases “Cross My Heart” Video

In case you missed it, AKA recently took Gemini Major and other pals with him to the mountains for the shooting of the music video of his recent hit “Energy.”

Clearly, that isn’t the only video in the pipeline. The hip hop champ has apparently done the shooting of the music video of another, for his song “Cross My Heart.”

For the “Energy” video, AKA who recently made his TV channel subscription-free, gave no conditions whatsoever. Fans can look forward to it – and get to watch it – without any obligations.

For the release of the “Cross My Heart” video, however, AKA has set an impossible condition: he has asked for 1 billion comments as motivation. He made that request via his verified Instagram channel, @akaworldwide.

The hilarity the request provoked can better be imagined. The SupaMega couldn’t have been in earnest, so fans peppered his post with the laughing emoji.

Surely, the “Cross My Heart” will be released without the 1 billion comments. It appears the music video for “Energy” will be released first.

At any rate, you may want to check out the teaser video, which may never get the 1 billion comments, below. You may as well share your thoughts in the comment section.

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