Watch AKA’s Father’s Day Surprise Gift From Kairo

Kairo Forbes sure knows how to touch her father’s heart and in an adorable way, too, young though she may be.

This much was obvious yesterday Sunday 21 June 2020, which was recognized globally as Father’s Day – a day of celebration of fatherhood and paternal bonds.

Kairo Forbes, AKA’s daughter with DJ Zinhle, shared an Instagram post in which she said “cheers” ti him, as well as called him a favourite man in the world. The picture was taken by AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes.

Watch Aka'S Father'S Day Surprise Gift From Kairo 2

AKA himself shared a clip of the moment on his Twitter account, with a “Happy Father’s Day” caption that had fans in spasms of raptures. Well, it was a delightful scene that might leave some peeps emotional even years from now.

It is unknown if DJ Zinhle, with whom he had Kairo Forbes, sent him a happy Father’s Day note privately. The two are no longer an item after AKA flew into the arms of a new woman, leaving her alone for a second time, to the chagrin of fans who had warned her earlier not to take him back.

Anyway, AKA is still marching ahead, treating fans to sumptuous numbers, and it doesn’t look like he would stop anytime soon.

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