Watch Anatii Talk NFT, Web 3, Spirituality, Art, Upcoming Projects & More

He is one of the South African rappers who many would tell you have gone AWOL (Away Without Leave) – not that fans can determine how long an artist can remain on the scene and when to temporarily retreat, though. But Anatii is still very much around.

He might not have been releasing stuff as avidly as he used to, but he is still creating things quietly and some of his close associates have even gotten a chance to check out what he had created in his “silence,” and used emojis to represent the same.

While it might appear he is not particularly active on the scene, Anatii is still pretty aware of the evolving world and following according. He dwelled on this and so much more in a recent interview which is available at the end of this post.

He had delved into the world of NFTs, Web 3 and so much more. He also had a lot to share on spirituality and art. And for those who might be wondering when next he would be releasing a project if at all – the songster has got s response to that as well.

It is like getting to know Anatii all over again, with new twists –r or rather in new lights.

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