Watch Andile Mpisane Hit The Studio Amid Criticisms He’s Untalented And Should Quit Music

If you were one of those that advised Andile Mpisane to quit music and focus on football, you might want to forget about that advice at the moment as the muso isn’t taking it — not at the moment anyway. 

In a clip currently circulating online, Andile could be seen in the studio recording a new song with his friends. 

Some peeps who saw the clip shook their head and urged him again to look elsewhere as he has no musical talents.

The video of the songster cones after another clip of his performance in Pretoria trended on Mzansi’s Twitter. In the clip, the crowd appeared unimpressed and bored as Andile performed from the stage. 

The clip made many critics urge him to do something else and not force the music. They also claimed that Andile has been getting music gigs and even travelled to the United States, where he met with Rick Ross and other celebs, because his mother facilitated it with her wealth — and not because of his talents. 

Anyway, if Andile should succeed in this music thing eventually, he would have the exquisite pleasure of giving the middle finger to those who had criticised him earlier. Until then. 

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