Watch Artists Share Their Grandest Memories Of The Late Riky Rick

Rikhado Muziwendlovu Makhado,  long famous as Riky Rick, wouldn’t have been 35 on July 20. But the champ isn’t here,  having taken his own life this February. Still, fans and associates remember him for good.

On the occasion of his birthday, some of his associates spoke about what they remembered him the most for and the impact he made in their lives, as well as in the music industry. Among those who had some positive words to share about the rapper are Laduma and Sheldon Tatchell.

RIky Rick’s death in February shook the music industry because no one had seen it coming. But there were signs that the songster was going through a depressing phase. Unfortunately, they only emerged after he hung himself in his studio, leaving behind a wife and children.

Following his passage, some musos had chosen to honour him as they saw fit. Some held concerts in his honour; some released music dedicated to him; some just prayed for his family.

Months after, the songster’s memory is still pretty fresh. And those who knew him and adored him, fellow musicians and industry players, have honoured him again by sharing their fondest memories of him. You can check out the clip below.

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