Watch: Babes Wodumo Kisses Her Male Bestie

is one celeb who has no qualms about admitting she has a male bestie… and kissing that bestie.

Well, a clip of her kissing the said besties, an unnamed bloke, popped online, provoking a fever in many quarters.

The clip of the “Wololo” hitmaker kissing her bestie, naturally, got South Africans talking. Some of them were amused by the couple’s relationship, especially so as is married.

Others thought the relationship jarring, noting with a sense of foreboding that only has to see the clip for trouble to erupt in the couple’s current marital paradise.

and have had a turbulent relationship, and although they have fought many times, they still choose each other after it all.

It’s doubtful the current video will generate any serious issue between her and her man. Known for her endless publicity stunts, including accusing her husband of sleeping with another musician, Makhadzi, Babes Wodumo could easily explain the video away.

After all, this isn’t the first time she’s been found in a “compromising” position with a man who isn’t her husband.

You’re welcome to follow us and stay tuned for what might follow – a bang or silence.

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