Watch Behind-the-scenes Clips From Tipcee’s Ngiyavuma Featuring Naakmusiq

Watch BTS clips from Tipcee's Ngiyavuma Featuring Naakmusiq music video filming

Watch behind-the-scenes clips from the filming of Tipcee’s “Ngiyavuma” music video Featuring Naakmusiq.

Guys, we’ve got something you need to see. As they say, knowing a little bit about something makes it easier to know what to anticipate. So you might want to see what we are sharing.

Apparently, Mzansi hit maker, Tipcee has filmed the music video for her song “Ngiyavuma” featuring the talented NaakMusiQ. Well, it isn’t a huge secret because she wants you to see it. Clips and photos from the upcoming video were recently shared for fans to know exactly what to expect.

From what we see, it looks African enough, like they drew inspiration from the mother land. The dressing and attire in the video is cultural friendly, and every looks quite good. We are definitely not missing out on the premiere of the video. Although, the date of the release has not been revealed yet.


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