Watch Behind-the-scenes For Character’s Ngiyesaba Video Shoot Feat. Q Twins & Ntencane

Music videos undergo heavy editing before they are published. In other words, a lot of scenes get edited out before the finished work is released to the public.

The clips that don’t may be collectively called behind-the-scene shots. For many out there, these shots are as intriguing as the official music video of a song artistes share now and again.

Character knows this much and has just released behind-the-scenes shots of “Ngeyisaba,” his collaborative song with maskandi artiste Ntencane and Afrotainment duo Q twins.

The songster announced the coming of the song in early August and released it later the same month. Now he has just treated fans to clips that didn’t make the cut in the song’s official music video.

The behind-the-scenes clip of “Ngiyesaba” has some pretty soul-stopping scenes that might leave you wondering why they didn’t make the cut. That notwithstanding, the official music video of the song is beautifully imagined, as should be apparent presently.

You might want to compare that with the behind-the-scenes clip and see how the creative team arrived at its editorial decisions.

What do you think of the clip, though? You may want to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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