Watch Black Coffee Meet Simmy For The First Time & Share His Thoughts On Her Music

Music stars meeting is nothing new. But it is all shades of special when one of the artists is way bigger than the other yet has a deep love for the music of the other who is not just as accomplished. Well, this played out recently when celebrated international disc jockey Black Coffe met with Simmy, herself a South African.

In the short encounter, the Grammy winner appeared excited to meet Simmy and readily admitted to the younger lady that he was a big fan of her music. He even recalled going to the singer’s concert on December 25 in Durban.

Not only did Black Coffee express love for Simmy’s music, but he also admitted that he has a friend in Germany who is in love with her music as well. Their encounter was witnessed by Dj Sbu, who recorded the moment and shared the same on his verified Instagram channel

The music producer Sun-El Musician was also on the ground during the encounter. He appeared shy or somewhat star-struck. You can check out the clip below.

This is the first time Black Coffe has met with Simmy. Already, expectations are bubbling for a collaboration. If that will happen at all remains to be seen.

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