Watch Blaq Diamond Perform Umuthi Live

Blaq Diamond performs their new song "Umuthi"

Watch Blaq Diamond perform their new song “Umuthi” live.

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We have a special place in our hearts for Mzansi’s power duo, Blaq Diamond. The two have been on the scene for quite sometime and dished some very impressive music that has kept their name on our lips for a long while.

They previously took over the airwaves and the charts with their song “Love Letter”. The song fast became a huge success this year and its accompanying music video followed suit. All year long, we have been watching to see what more they would do.

They followed the success of “Love Letter” with the release of a new song “Umuthi” which has already gotten much love from their fans. They now take over the scene with a performance of the song just for their fans to enjoy. You of course know what to expect from it, the duo are equally great performers as they are great artists.

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