Watch Boity Party With Her Mom Modiehi

has a close relationship with her mother Modiehi. So it isn’t surprising the two of them should turn up at a party together and generally have a good time.

was one of the artistes co-opted to perform at 2 millionicons and her mother tuned up at the party to support the child of her womb. By Modiehi’s own admission, she didn’t know how she ended up t the party because she is a terrible dancer.

However, she left no one in doubt she was happy to be there to support and hype her daughter, believing that no one would do that is she doesn’t.

had shared a clip of herself performing and enjoying herself amid her fans. One particular fan was crazy about her and in the mood for a wild moment. She impressed Boity, who declaimed out loud that she loved him.

In fact, according to her, he was the reason she decided to upload the video of that performance. by the way, is pretty new on the music scene but has long impressed many with her stage presence.

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